Binhi Inc.

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Binhi Inc. is an agri-research start-up company focusing on micropropagation.  The laboratory started in November 2019 as it was established in partnership with a DTI charter called Small Business Corporation. The operations of the laboratory were spearheaded by Dr. Glenn Gregorio, an Academician and plant breeding expert, and Dr. Aurora del Rosario, one of the known pioneers of the tissue culture industry in the country. The first crops that were micropropagated in the laboratory are bananas and macapuno.

Binhi Inc. has produced superior disease-free plant selections and new varieties ranging from bananas up to ornamental plants. Through continuous research and development, they strive to be the leading tissue culture enterprise in the Philippines with the help of the pool of innovative experts that the company has. Binhi Inc. offers several products and services. They mainly sell Lakatan
seedlings, a local variety of bananas, and even banana fruits harvested from their farms. Services like micropropagation for mass production were also made available, as well as assistance to research and management of farms in the Philippines