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1 CAS-IC Analytical Services Laboratory The Analytical Service Laboratory (ASL) was established in November 28, 1985 during the 982nd meeting of the University of the Philippines Board of Regents as an extension arm of the Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). ASL provides training and consultation to researchers in the academic, government and private institutions and chemical analysis of water, food, feeds, soil, sediment, and biological sample at a minimal cost.

This laboratory provides the clients with the following services:

1. Proximate analysis of food and feed samples
2. Water quality analysis of of various water samples (ground water, surface water, treated and untreated water samples, and industrial effluents)
3. Mineral analysis of various samples using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
4. Physico-chemical and carbohydrate analyses of various samples and quality evaluation of oils
5. Analysis of soil and sediment samples
6. Crude extraction of plant material; concentration and phytochemical screening of crude extract
IC-ASL Office
Institute of Chemistry
Physical Sciences Building
UPLB, College, Laguna
Dr. Hidelisa P. Hernandez
Designation: Director

Ms. Jennifer Q. Pillas
Designation: URI
Telephone No: (049) 536 - 2359
Email: [email protected]
1. Capillary Electrophoresis System
2. Centrifuges
3. Cold Extractor
4. Deionizer
5. Distillation Apparatus
6. Freezer, Chest type
7. Gas Chromatograph, equipped with FID & ECD
8. GC, Equiped with TCD
9. Hot Extractor
10. HPLC equipped with RID, UV-Vis and spectrofluorometer
11. Incubator, Refigerated BOD
12. ION Analyzer
13. Laminar Flow Hood
14. Oven, Vacuum
15. pH meters
16. Pulverizer, rotor speed mill
17. Pump, water aspirator
18. Rotary Evaporator
19. Sonicator
20. Spectrophotometer
21. Speed Shaker
22. Test Seive Shaker
23. Water Quality Checker
24. Water Sampler
25. Wiley Mill


Moisture ►Php160.00
Ash ►Php195.00
Crude Protein ►Php320.00
Crude Fat ►Php---
Soxhlet ►Php310.00
Mojonnier ►Php560.00
Crude Fiber ►Php420.00


Acidity ►Php200.00
Alkalinity ►Php200.00
Biological Oxygen Demand ►Php1,035.00
Chemical Oxygen Demand ►Php---
Chromium ►Php900.00
Manganese ►Php200.00
Chloride ►Php400.00
Chlorophyll-a ►Php450.00
Conductivity ►Php55.00
Dissolved Oxygen ►Php---
Titration ►Php230.00
Instrument ►Php55.00
Metals ►Php---
Sample Treatment ►Php---
Water ►Php225.00
Sediment ►Php225.00
AAS ►Php440.00
Nitrogen Fractions ►Php---
Ammonia N ►Php520.00
Nitrite ►Php160.00
Nitrate ►Php355.00
Total Nitrogen ►Php550.00
Oil and Grease ►Php400.00
pH ►Php55.00
Phosphate Fractions ►Php---
Orthophosphate ►Php320.00
Hydrolyzable Phosphate ►Php330.00
Total Phosphorus ►Php355.00
Residue ►Php---
Total Solids ►Php220.00
Total Suspended Solids ►Php275.00
Total Dissolved Solids ►Php275.00
Salinity ►Php55.00
Sulfate ►Php255.00
Temperature ►Php55.00
Total Hardness ►Php310.00
Turbidity ►Php55.00


Sugars ►Php---
Extraction ►Php260.00
Reducing Sugars ►Php220.00
Total Sugars ►Php---
Phenol-H2SO4 ►Php200.00
Anthrone ►Php400.00
Total Carbohydrates ►Php495.00
Starch ►Php---
Extraction ►Php200.00
Analysis ►Php400.00


Specific Gravity ►Php135.00
Saponification Number ►Php360.00
Iodine Number ►Php400.00
Peroxide Number ►Php300.00
Free Fatty Acid Number ►Php260.00


Sample Preparation ►Php55.00
Moisture ►Php160.00
pH in water ►Php55.00
pH in Calcium Chloride ►Php65.00
Organic Matter ►Php300.00
Total Nitrogen ►Php550.00
Cation Exchange Capacity ►Php600.00
Available Sulfur ►Php255.00
Water Soluble Chloride ►Php400.00
Micronutrients ►Php---
Sample Pretreatment ►Php230.00
AAS ►Php440.00


Plant Extraction* (Soxhlet Method and Maceration Method)

Rotary Evaporation Services:
*fee is dependent on the amounts of plant sample and volume of extracting solvent.

Training on Complete Proximate Analysis: P8,000 per person (minimum of 5 persons)
To be announced.
2 CAS-IBS Microbiology Services Laboratory The Microbiology Division Microbiology Services Laboratory provides and conducts microbiological analyses as requested and specified by different clients who come from all walks of life (public or private individuals/institutions, domestic, academic, research or industrial sectors). 3F, Wing D, Rm. No. 333
Microbiology Division
Institute of Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
UPLB, College, Laguna
Dr. Wilma T. Cruz
Position: Division Head
Designation: Associate Professor 3
Telephone No: (049) 536 - 3368
Telefax No: (049) 536 - 2893

•Bacterial count•
Determination of the total number of bacteria present in the sample using a general purpose medium. Minimum of 3 days. ►Php1,020.00

•Fungal count (yeast and mold)•

•Determination of total count and evaluation of microflora•
Determination of the total number of fungi (yeasts and molds) present in the sample using a general purpose medium. Minimum of 7 days.

•Enumeration of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast, Actinomycetes•
Enumeration of specific groups of microorganisms (Lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes) using selective/special media. Minimum of 7 days.


•Detection of coliforms•
For coliforms, the test takes from 3 days to approximately 7 days if confirmation of the presence of Escherichia coli is desired.

•Detection of Salmonella•
Detection of Salmonella takes approximately 7 days to complete and confirm presence of Salmonella via biochemical methods.

•Detection of Staphylococcus•
Detection and enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus takes approximately 7 days to complete (including coagulase test).

•Mold Count•
Minimum of 7 days

•Yeast Count•
Minimum of 5 days

Determination of microbial indicator organisms to determine the potability quality of a water sample. Minimum of 5 days ►Php1,000.00

(gram +, gram -, yeast, mold)
Inhibitory properties of a sample against bacteria gram (+), gram (-), yeast and molds -Bacteria (Minimum of 5 days), Mold (Minimum of 7 days)

•COMPLETE IDENTIFICATION• (species level) Identification of the species of microorganisms using cultural, morphological, and biochemical/physiological tests.

Minimum of 15 days

Minimum of 15 days

1 month

Determination of the amount of vitamins present in the sample by observation of the growth of the assay organism which requires the said substance.

•Vitamin B12•
Minimum of 5 days

•Folic Acid•
Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

•Panthothenic acid•
Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Determination of the amount of amino acid present in the sample by observation of the growth of the assay organism which requires the said substance.

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Minimum of 5 days

Bacterial test for the detection of mutagens. Minimum of 7 days

Bacterial test to determine the lowest concentration of a substance needed to inhibit growth of a certain microorganism. Minimum of 5 days.
To be announced.
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