Circa 1740 Dip Coffee and Timplado

Circa 1740 Coffee also known as Varacco started in 2018. It is a manufacturing company that produces and packs black coffee with various flavors ranging from sweet, spicy, and chocolate up to peanut tastes. Its flagship product is a dip coffee that offers convenience for people who are always on the go. With dip coffee- it’s bringing you back in time in one dip! Its dip coffee is a patented utility model and trademarked at IPO. The coffee is sold under the trademark Timplado which has the main branch in Lipa City, Batangas. Circa 1740 and UPLB’s partnership dates back to 2018 when several of its faculty supports its products. UPLB has also tapped Circa 1740 as one of the model businesses in one of the events of TTBDO where it showcased its journey of Idea to Impact. Today, Circa 1740 Coffee works with UPLB for Circa 1740 Coffee’s pursuit for more patents on the internet of things technology that aims to improve productivity and post-harvest quality of coffee in the Philippines.


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