Food Security and Sovereignty

Food Security and Sovereignty

Powder Production Technology Package

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The powder production technology package is made up of five machines: a root crop washer, a chipper/slicer, a cabinet-type dryer, a pulverizer, and a sieve separator.

It is a cross-functional set of machines which aims to increase the value of agricultural products by safely and efficiently turning them into powder. Currently, the set can be used to produce powder from various crops such as ginger, turmeric, squash, and onion leaves.


  • Can be used in the production of powder from turmeric, red pepper, ginger, moringa, herbs, squash, onion leaves, and other crops.
  • Can be fabricated by local agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Beneficial for value addition and food safety

What We Need

  • Assistance in IP protection of the technology package
  • Funding support for the fabrication training of accredited agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Funding support in the dissemination of the technology package and conduct of market study

Target Market/Beneficiaries

  • Turmeric powder processors; other food processors
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers