Food Security and Sovereignty

Food Security and Sovereignty

Processing Line for Sandfish

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The prototype processing line includes a multi-vat boiler, mechanical cleaner, and hybrid dryer. The multi-vat boiler is equipped with a firebox that can burn many types of dry forest or agricultural waste, and is designed to heat three 20-L vats simultaneously for boiling degutted sea cucumber. The mechanical cleaner removes the spicule layer in a rapid and thorough manner to produce a clean product. The hybrid dryer can be heated by a firebox or by solar radiation; a biomass stove is used to burn waste wood to heat the dryer.


  • Simple to use
  • Minimal power requirement
  • Can be operated in isolated communities
  • Dry biomass waste readily available in fishing communities can be used as fuel for drying

Current Status

  • Pilot trials have been conducted in cooperation with fishers’ associations and sea ranch operators
  • Technology Readiness Level: Technology Verified by Pilot Trial

What We Need

  • Potential adopters (processors, sea ranchers) willing to conduct commercial trials
  • Funding support for commercial trials, impact assessment, modifications to prototype processing line

Target Market/Beneficiaries

  • Fisher associations, small processors