Food Security and Sovereignty

Food Security and Sovereignty

Seaweed Dryer

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The seaweed dryer technology is a faster and more efficient way to dry seaweeds than the traditional sun-drying method. Both of the floating- and permanent-type dryers can accommodate two tons of fresh seaweeds and can be used during cloudy or rainy days and at nighttimes.

Two (2) types of seaweed dryers were developed, floating and permanent-type, which will be dependent on the area or location were the dryer will be constructed. Both types have the same greenhouse-type drying chamber which can accommodate two (2) tons of fresh seaweeds. Solar-powered exhaust fans were installed to enhance air circulation and facilitate continuous drying even during cloudy or rainy days. Lighting system were likewise added for nighttime drying operations.


  • With solar-powered exhaust fans and lighting system for an uninterrupted drying operations
  • Greenhouse-type drying chamber that can dry two tons of fresh seaweeds
  • Enables all-year round seaweed production

Current Status

  • 22 units constructed and being used by seaweed farmers in different seaweed growing areas in the Philippines
  • 26 units for construction as part of the Agreement with DOST IX, MSU-Tawi Tawi and PSU

What We Need

  • Funding support for the construction of the dryers

Target Market/Beneficiaries

  • Seaweed Farmers’ Associations
  • Local manufacturers/ fabricators