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Pintig Adolescent Development and Psychosocial Support Program

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‘Pintig,’ a Filipino term that translates to beating or throbbing, is used by the College of Human Ecology to describe the identity of youth in their adolescent development psychosocial support program. This extension activity that started in 2013 provides online and offline summits, among other avenues and opportunities, to adolescent participants to improve their self-awareness, and to reflect about the self and its relation to the socio-ecological environment.

The goal of Pintig is to hone the Filipino youth to become transcendent (able to recognize, appreciate and utilize inner potentials and outer support to achieve their positive desires) and transformative (able to take part in societally-relevant activities; willing to contribute to nation-building).


Specifically, it aims to

  1. provide opportunity for adolescents to explore inward towards the appreciation of their uniqueness and worth;
  2. encourage adolescents to explore outward towards awareness of societal issues concerning children and youth; and
  3. inspire adolescents to integrate insights and realizations they gained from their inward and outward explorations into meaningful, reasoned and collective actions and choices within their realm of capabilities as budding individuals, members of families, and citizens of the nation.

Continued response during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pintig has also continued its thrusts amid the pandemic.  In 2020, Pintig with its theme “Transcend: Youth Rising up to a better normal” has reached 308 participants via Zoom and FB live platforms.  This has further encouraged the organizers to conduct the 2nd part of TRANSCEND in 2021 with the theme “Living a better normal” which was attended by 2,565 individuals both in the Zoom and FB Live platforms.