UPLB Basic Research Program

The UPLB Basic Research Program provides financial assistance for basic studies in the natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences, and humanities.

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UP System Programs and Opportunities

The UP System through the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs administers financial assistance programs for research projects, publication grants, and Balik-PhD recipients.

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Government Funded Programs

Government agencies implement Grants-in-Aid and other fund assistance programs for research studies and extension activities.

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International Opportunities

Some international agencies provide funds and grants for research and extension collaborations.

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Empowering Research Pioneers, Shaping the Future

Discover a world of research grants and opportunities, fueling innovation and enabling impactful projects to shape a brighter future.

Elevate your research endeavors in the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities with the UPLB Basic Research Program, offering vital financial assistance for basic studies.

Explore academic opportunities with the UP OVPAA, empowering researchers through financial assistance programs for projects, publication grants, and Balik-PhD recipients.

Amplify research and extension activities with government-supported Grants-in-Aid and funding, fueling transformative impact and fostering ingenuity, creativity, and advancement.

Discover boundless opportunities to foster impactful collaborations through the support of renowned international agencies, propelling your endeavors to new heights of innovation.