Ubi Powder


Purple yam powder is made from tubers of Dioscorea alata L. It is locally known as “ubi”. The preparation process for purple yam powder includes a proper selection of deep purple color “ubi” tuber. The tuber is then washed, steamed, peeled, grated, dried, pulverized, and packaged.

The ubi tuber and its processed products contain a high level of starch, making it a rich source of calories in the diet. The product is highly regarded for its appealing color and antioxidant properties due to its anthocyanin content. It is a very popular food ingredient in bakery and confectionary products among others.

Potential Collaborative Areas:

  • Improvement of label and packaging material
  • Commercialization and marketing strategies
Market & Beneficiaries

processors, producers


for commercialization, ready to be introduced to the market


College of Agriculture and Food Science


Institute of Food Science and Technology


Dr. Leoncio C. Raymundo, Mr. Rommel M. Jaen, Ms. Marife T. Ombico, Ms. Teodora M. De Villa


[email protected]