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The National Crop Protection Center’s Rapid Test Kit for Pesticide Residues (RTK) was developed by the chemists of NCPC to detect residues of toxic pesticide groups of organophosphates and carbamates on selected crop commodities, especially vegetables. Since its inception, the kit has been developed into a more simple, portable, rapid, cheap, and farmer-friendly tool for detecting pesticide residues.

Compared with the modern instrumental analysis, RTK doesn’t need sophisticated and expensive equipment or laborious sample preparation, thus saving more time and effort. The method can be as quick as approximately 15 minutes per sample. Results are obtained visually through a color reaction after the addition of various chemical reagents. RTK can be used for the following: quick approximation of the presence of pesticide residues (OP and carbamates) on vegetables, monitoring pesticide residues in compliance to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and organic agriculture, and as a technology to increase awareness regarding pesticide residues and proper pesticide management.


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