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Research and Extension Initiatives

In line with its tripartite function, UPLB has been conducting R&E activities with an emphasis on research implementation alongside extension initiatives to ensure that research outputs are disseminated to various stakeholders.

projects implemented**

**for the period 2019-2023; *2023 data from OVCRE Project Monitoring System (PROMS)

Domains Driving R&E Initiatives

Majority of the projects conducted by UPLB are in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Sciences, demonstrating our expertise as the leading institution in these fields.

funding agencies*
external sources (NGA, LGU, UP System, etc.)*
local and private institutions*
international organizations*

*2019-2023 data from OVCRE Project Monitoring System (PROMS)

Partnerships with Funding Agencies

UPLB has been engaging with various funding institutions inside and outside the country, a testament to our dedication to building strong partnerships to address local and global challenges.

female-led projects*
male-led projects*
REPS-led projects*
faculty-led projects*

*2023 data from OVCRE Project Monitoring System (PROMS)

Diverse R&E Landscape

We are committed to upholding inclusivity and diversity in conducting R&E activities, ensuring that our initiatives reflect the rich perspectives in our country.

projects implemented
Operational Brigades
Units of Engineering