Fruitect® is a natural, biocomposite coating formulation that delays the ripening of whole fresh fruits including Philippine carabao mango, Lakatan banana, and Sweet Cayenne pineapple. It provides longer shelf life and resistance to physical injuries when fruits are transported thereby an opportunity for preventing food loss. It is proven safe both for humans as well as the environment.

Current Fruitect® coatings have been found to work on Carabao mango, solo papaya, and Lakatan banana. With continued support from agencies such as DOST-PCIERRD, the technology can greatly benefit food retailers, distributors, consumers, and our local farmers.

Potential Collaborative Areas:

  • field trials in collaboration with fruit retailers, producers and processors
  • business partnership
  • manufacturing facility
Market & Beneficiaries

exporters, fruit farmers, fruit packing plants, processors


ongoing pilot scale production


College of Arts and Sciences


Institute of Chemistry


Dr. Hidelisa P. Hernandez, Dr. Veronica C. Sabularse


[email protected], [email protected]